My Journey

My work is about layers of time and memory. As I work, I repeatedly return to and process the joy of living in the moment, recognizing and acknowledging my indebtedness to those who have supported and nurtured me, past and present. My explorations are about communicating the grief and difficulties of living a passionate life but always gleaning the kernel of joy, of sunshine, of magic in the moment that is Now. I am aware and dwell in possibility and optimism.

As I work, I listen to music, and perhaps some of those rhythmic qualities find their way into the work. Color plays a crucial role in my art. Color harmonies that are usually not seen in nature, or have been deliberately altered, sometimes impart the idea of a dreamlike consciousness, of fantasy worlds like those of Matisse, Chagall, and Redon. My aim is to create visual poems that ask the viewer to imagine, to wonder and wander along with me. These many layers of color and texture suggest the breadth of possibilities each day presents. Although the application of color seems to be random, in fact, each color stroke is placed with great intention and precision.

What life lessons am I learning through art? I learn patience, love, flexibility and joy. In art, I discover and nurture my soul. To remain centered, living with a loving heart is to be a true artist and creative human. Making art...what more is there? There are no answers...only questions to be lived and explored...and, perhaps, some small bit of magic to be created.